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2020-2021 School Year

We are still acepting applications for the 2020-2021 School Year. August 27th is the first day for Middle and Upper School students, August 28th is the first day for Lower School students, and August 31st  is the first day for Early Childhood students. Tuition assistance is available for those who qualify.

Covid-19 Responce

It is our intention to open this fall with all students on campus and learning within their classrooms. Our campus is safe and is environment conducive to learning. However, should it be necessary for our school to return to on-line learning at any point, we will be able to transition to connected learning quickly and effectively and switch back and forth seamlessly.

Taking Learning Personally

Elgin Academy is an independent school located in the heart of the Chicago suburbs. Here, taking learning personally is more than a credo — it defines our promise to each and every student and family who calls Elgin Academy home.

Preschool through grade 12

We guide our students to be prepared for what lies ahead whether they are in preschool, kindergarten, elementary school, middle school or high school.

In our intentionally small scaled classes, we listen and respond to the voice of every child. Instead of finding cracks to fall through, our students cement relationships that build character, discipline, and trust over their time here.


"The overall environment and feel at Elgin Academy has been caring and supportive. It allowed our daughter to grow as a student, leader, and active member of society. In addition, the teachers at Elgin Academy have been invaluable resources to our daughter in the college application process and in making a choice that is a good fit for her."

– Parents of a Recent Graduate

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