2023 January Term

International High School students are invited to join Elgin Academy’s January Term. J-Term courses are designed to include numerous experiential learning opportunities on and off campus. When appropriate, local field trips ranging from partial to full days will be included in each class.

International students will attend a conversational English skills class each morning prior to their J-Term class. Additionally, they will attend an excursion to the city of Chicago for sightseeing, shopping, and visiting local restaurants. Social activities with American students are also included during the time they attend the program.

January Term Program Fee: $3,000

Fee Includes: Airport pick-up, Visa letter (provided upon request), host family placement, selected J-Term course, Conversational English Skills Course, transportation to and from school, one sightseeing tour of Chicago, and school lunch provided on school days.



For more information or to register email: internationalprograms@elginacademy.org



J2301: Are we alone in the universe?

Studying the history and probability of finding extraterrestrial life

“Are we alone?” is a question that has always been fundamental to humans, but that only recently has become the subject of empirical science. This class will study both the history/mythology and folklore surrounding beliefs and encounters with extraterrestrial life as well as the major developments in biology and astronomy that have helped us from our modern understanding of the nature of life, the discovery and location of habitable environments in the universe, and the possibility of encountering extraterrestrial life.


J2303: A Needle Pulling Thread:

The World of Fiber Arts

Learn the warp and weft of several popular needle crafts from wool to cloth and cotton to silk. Learn about the harvesting of textile raw materials as well as dying fabrics and threads. Then, create artwork in the form of hand embroidery, knitting, quilting, crocheting, tufting, loom weaving, and more. Explore the history of textiles around the world and how they were and are produced from the Silk Road to sweatshops. Gain practical skills as well as an understanding of how textiles and those who produce them have changed history and technology. This course will enable students to develop technical and conceptual skills relating to a range of fiber arts and to explore a range of relevant design/image making techniques. Students will develop skills and knowledge relating to historical and contemporary applications of embroidery, quilting, and other stitching methods, and use these as a means for the creative expression of ideas through a series of class and individual projects.

J2304: Picture This:

Discovering Digital Photography

Everyone is quick to pull out their phones to grab a quick picture, but what about the art of photography? How do you manipulate shutter speed, depth of field and composition to create works of art? In this course, students will learn the technical skills of shooting a DSLR camera in manual mode as well as artistic skills needed to create beautiful works of art. In addition to building their own skills, students will study the works of professional photographers, speak with professionals in the field and tour photography exhibitions in the area. Finally, students will gain a basic understanding of Photoshop to help them edit their work and create the art they envision.