The Athletic Programs at Elgin Academy are designed to supplement the learning experience by providing multiple opportunities for active learning in competitive environments.

We believe that athletics should serve as an extension of the classroom, where students work together to accomplish goals and overcome challenges. We value athletic participation, where coaches teach and reinforce the importance of sportsmanship, leadership, hard work, commitment, and dedication to something bigger than themselves. It is this focus in addition to the overall learning atmosphere that better sets our students up for success in the future.

private high school boys track and fieldThe competitiveness of our sports program serves as a tool for spreading who we are and what we are about. We field over 25 competitive teams each year. Our interscholastic sports start in the 5th grade, where students are taught the basics of team participation and athletic skills. By their varsity years, students are competing on the regional, sectional, and state level for various accolades.

We focus on the true purpose of team participation, which should be continuously learning and developing as a citizen, a student, and an athlete.


Athletic Opportunities Offered at Elgin Academy

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