Fine Arts


Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Music, and Videography

Beginning in the Early Childhood program, students at Elgin Academy are offered visual art classes and general music classes. As students enter the Lower School (K-4,) children continue receiving weekly classes in music and visual art. Middle School students in grades 5 and 6 are required to take a theatre class in addition to music and art. Once children reach the 7th grade, they are given the option to take a videography class as part of their fine arts study.


At the Upper School level, freshmen take two “Introduction to Fine Arts” classes where they choose to study music, theatre, or visual arts for a semester each. Upper School students are then required to take an additional year of a fine arts class. They select videography, music, theatre, or visual art to fulfill this requirement. At each divisional level, students have the opportunity to enhance their study of the fine arts in various co-curricular ways. We strive to help our students discover the joy of the arts as a lifelong pursuit.

The fine arts classes at Elgin Academy exemplify the promise of active learning. Our classes are process oriented as we work towards presenting the final presentation, performance, or piece of art. Students work both individually and collaboratively in a supportive environment where they are willing to take risks. Through the fine arts curriculum at Elgin Academy, students become better creators, collaborators, and communicators.

Private high school students preparing for play