About The Cupola

The Cupola is a publication run by Elgin Academy students. The dedicated and creative student staff plan, write, edit and work collaboratively to put together each issue of The Cupola. They are supported by website staff, the communications department, and a faculty advisor. 

Contact the Staff

Contact The Cupola staff at thecupola@elginacademy.org



The Cupola Student Staff

Anika Jaitley

Class of 2023

Eesha Peddhapati

Class of 2024

Kyle Saurer

Class of 2023

Hisham Shirazi

Class of 2023

Amity Wittmeyer

Class of 2023


The Cupola Support Faculty & Staff

Dan Raffety

Director of College Counseling, Upper School Social Studies

Bonita Goist

Director of Admissions

Tanya Moore

Director of Summer Programs, Website Content Manager, Advancement Associate