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Extravaganza 45 - Save the Date

Over the years Extravaganza has been held in many locations both on campus and in the surrounding community. For the last two years, Extravaganza has been a virtual event only. This year we are excited to bring back an in-person component to Extravaganza. This hybrid event will allow more members of the EA community, both past and present, to participate and support Elgin Academy.

Forty-five years ago the very first Extravaganza was held in May, bringing the community together at the end of the year in celebration and support of our school. While Extravaganza has been held in March in recent years, this year we are shifting the event back to May to be able to offer an in-person component that can better utilize outdoor spaces and allow as many members of our community as possible to attend in person.

Extravaganza 45 will be held on May 14, 2022. The in-person event will be held at the Dunham Woods Riding Club in Wayne. Bidding in Extravaganza’s silent auction will be online, and the Live Auction will be live-streamed the night of the event, allowing for our community to support Elgin Academy from anywhere in the country. 

Please look for the “Save The Date” email coming soon with more information about the event and how you can support Extravaganza 45!

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Northern Minnesota J-Term

Who would guess that nearly 20 students and three teachers would choose to spend 5 days in the cold and snow of Northern Minnesota in January but that's exactly what is happening for the students in Elgin Academy's Northern Minnesota Wilderness Experience. During the January term course and in preparation for their trip north, the students have learned about the history and culture of the Ojibwe tribe (native to the area) and also honed their camping and winter survival skills.

Today in class, students carved and painted sticks they found during a recent field trip to Lord's Park. The sticks were used to play a traditional Ojibwe game of Snow Snake. The decorated sticks are launched down tracks carved in the ice. The straightest traveling stick wins.

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January Term Forensics Class

The January Term Forensics class, students performed DNA analysis utilizing the Electrophoresis machine that was generously donated by EAPA (Elgin Academy Parent Association) to the Science Department in 2020. Electrophoresis machines apply an electric charge to molecules, causing them to migrate towards their oppositely charged electrode. The technique is found in all research and clinical laboratories utilizing DNA and protein applications. And now it can also be found at EA. Very Cool!

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