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mission statement for k12 fine arts school Elgin

hands on learning starts in preschool at EA

students learn positive social skills and academic achievement in all classes

local private upper school spurs academic discourse

Elgin Academy Upper School students holding a classroom debate

Elgin Academy Lower School has diverse student body

k12 charter school Cook County provides hands on learning experiences

students at Elgin Academy Middle School preparing for theatrical performance

Elgin Academy Upper School student is happy to be at school

fine arts junior high school West Dundee allows creative thinking

Elgin Academy Lower School Art teacher observing student progress

students can play a variety of sports at private high school

independent school West Dundee with numerous sports opportunities

Middle School Athletic coach boosting morale among baseball team

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we have witnessed first hand the power of an Elgin Academy education and how each individual student Thrives

Each of Jay and Sarah Wittmeyer’s children, Alysson ’15, Elliott ’17, Annie ’21, and Amity ’23, have had their own unique experience at Elgin Academy that helped them build on their strengths and embrace their weaknesses. While each of their paths may be different, they are all heading in the same direction of being confident leaders. Elgin Academy inspires each student to live up to their fullest potential and supports them on their journey to be creative, courageous, and compassionate individuals.

Please support our Hilltoppers on their journey by donating to the Hilltopper Fund today!

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Your gift gives us the opportunity to ask and answer the important questions that inspire our students to become our creative, courageous, and compassionate future. A donation to the Hilltopper Fund helps secure our mission of preparing students to make a difference in the world now and in the future.Your contribution gives our Hilltoppers the resources and support to be the change they want to see in the world and to take ownership in making a difference in our collective future.

The Hilltopper Fund Campaign for the 2018-2019 school year begins today and takes place in October and November and will end on Giving Tuesday, November 27, which is a national day of philanthropy. To make the biggest impact in this school year, we ask that you give or pledge during the campaign; however, gifts are accepted through the end of the fiscal year on June 30, 2019.

Donate or pledge your support today. Thank you.

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Middle School Advisories Reflect on the EA Mission

What is courage?  Is it only defined by grand gestures like saving a person from a burning building? Or can acts of courage be found in the daily experiences in our classrooms or in our social and emotional interactions? 

middle school students are pondering questions about courage during the school's newly reconfigured advisory program. The advisory period has been moved from morning to later in the day and lengthened to 20 minutes for the purpose of enriching our middle school students' learning experiences. 

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Eighth Graders Are First in Line at the Governor's Mansion

While Trip Week was an exciting time for all our students, one group of Middle School students made headlines!  Our 8th graders were featured on the Illinois Governor's Mansion Association Facebook page as the first school group of the academic year to tour the renovated Governor’s Mansion. The students toured the mansion and learned from updated programming and works of art on display. 

EA eighth graders trek to Springfield annually during Trip Week to visit historic sites and attractions. they explore the world of Abraham Lincoln and visit our state capital, among other historic sites.

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Thanks to the EA Community for an Outstanding Homecoming

I am always struck by the way our Homecoming celebration brings our community together, from our youngest student to our "most experienced" alum. This weekend was filled with images that demonstrate those bonds as our community came together, despite the weather (!) to celebrate Elgin Academy. I observed and heard stories all weekend that saluted the courage, compassion, and creativity that are our hallmarks.

Homecoming could not happen without much work. I am so thankful to work with the dedicated staff and faculty members who organized and executed our plan and can be proud of the result. And I would like to say a special thank you to our parent volunteers from all divisions who played such a key role in helping us celebrate. This weekend and all of its joy would not have been possible without all of you.

I am again grateful today for your partnership, and so appreciate everything you do to make this an excellent place for our students.

~Seth Hanford, Head of School

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